The School

Show Call Academy of Performing Arts provides specialist tuition in performing arts for children and young people from 4-18 years. Offering a friendly, fun filled learning environment for students to develop skills and competence, our qualified and highly experienced teachers who can engage effectively with children and young people of all abilities help students make new friends, feel empowered and boost their confidence and self esteem. Show Call gives its students effective tools and methods which help them confidently perform to the best of their ability. 

We have specialist teachers for each discipline, Lisa Marsh (Singing), Talulla Wheatley (Dancing) and Michael James Peters (Acting). All three have many years experience performing themselves and teaching their respective disciplines. They have worked together successfully for several years, delivering great results in our areas of expertise and then bringing it all together for performances. They are very excited about helping many more students in achieving their goals and reaching their potential performers and just as importantly, having great fun and making new friends in the process! All teachers have had Enhanced DBS checks. 

We Pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We don't want to discriminate against any student for any reason. We don't do auditions as our teachers are confident in their teaching abilities and methods to help everyone reach their potential and be the best they can. As far as is practically possible, any person aged 4-18 can join and we will endeavour to make modifications to ensure equal opportunities and the best possible experience for all. We like to reward and praise children for their efforts. We achieve this through positive feedback directly to individuals and in front of the group and we find it effective to use stickers, certificates and weekly trophy awards for each separate discipline to reward and motivate children.

Session Structure

A typical session will usually be structured to include:

Whole group 'warm up'

We start with the whole group doing fun and often energetic games and activities tailored to performing arts. These are very effective to get students in a learning mindset, get them motivated, and ready for the discipline specific workshops being taught at the session. We then have two types of workshop available:

Age specific structured group workshop on each discipline

Students are allocated to groups (according to age) and rotate through two or three workshops focussing on each of the disciplines being covered at that particular session.


Whole group / Smaller group Inter-discipline workshops

They learn interactively with the whole group in addition to smaller groups. We believe this is beneficial for students of all ages. This will occur more frequently when we are preparing for shows and performances.

Short regular breaks will be given to ensure effective learning and allow students to go to the toilet. This will include a break to have a snack and drink and recharge their batteries. Additionally, children should have drinks available at all times as they will be active, especially during their morning fun warm up and dancing classes on Saturdays. We will provide a tuck shop during breaks for children to buy snacks and drinks. 



Only £15.75 per session! 



Only £10.50 per session!


We also have an on-going 50% sibling discount!

Late Starters don't worry, you can come and join in at any time at the same price per session!

Payment is in advance of sessions and can be paid termly or monthly dependent on the number of sessions in each term or calendar month. Please contact us for more details.